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Android 10 might arrive on Google Pixel on September 3

Android 10

Last week, Google detonated a metaphorical bomb on the tech community by christening the official name of its upcoming Android Q that will be known as Android 10. The reason being Android 10 is universally understandable as the tenth iteration of Android operating system and henceforth, all the Android OSes will commence in ascending order i.e. Android 10 (Q), Android 11 (R) and so on.

We have been trying out various beta versions of Android 10 for quite a long time now and yet, we suspected the official release to be sometime in August which as it is cleared, isn’t going so well. However, thanks to PhoneArena, we might have an expected date for Android 10 launch and that is September 3, 2019.

Android 10 might arrive on Google Pixel on September 3

Folks at PhoneArena spoke to Google Support reps over the estimated date for the release of Android 10 on Pixel 3a. Based on two separate incidences from independent reps whom both claimed that Google could launch Android 10 on September 3. This might seem dubious citing the reputation these reps have about upcoming releases but there is a hypothesis that supports the said date.

Coined by GSMArena, Google releases its monthly security patches on the first Monday and if there’s a holiday in the U.S. on the said day, the release is pushed to the very next day. Last year, Google launched Android Pie 9 on Monday i.e. August 6. We do know that this is almost the time when Google must release the OS now that it has formally announced its name.

However, on September 2, it’s Labor Day in the United States, so the security patch will be pushed through only on September 3 and that’s the same date when Google Pixel 3a is supposedly getting Android 10 which means the date does have some credence if not entirely true.

Irrespective of when the Android 10 hits the market, Google will push it through OTA on all Pixel phones including the first-gen Pixel and Pixel  XL, second-gen Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, and finally, third-gen Pixel 3, 3a, 3 XL, and 3a XL followed by Essential Phone PH-1.

As per the timeline, Android 10 will be pushed towards all Android OEMs where those smartphones signed up for Google Treble project will start receiving the update followed by those that are eligible and high on the priority list. Note that the process could go on as long as a year so if your phone is eligible for Android 10, patience is key.



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