Apple aims to manufacture 100 million iPhone units in 2024 and 2025

Made in India iPhones

Cupertino-based giant Apple is reportedly working on manufacturing 50 to 60 million iPhones in India annually to cut back on its reliance on China which has become a difficult region to do business with.

According to the sources, Apple is planning to meet its target of 50 to 60 million units manufactured in India in the next two or three years, which would make it at least 100 million units in 2024 and 2025 combined. There’s also a clause that mentions additional tens of millions of units thereafter.

Apple is doubling its iPhone manufacturing in India

Made in India iPhones

As per figures released in April 2023, India accounted for 7% of the total iPhones produced worldwide, a number that grew from 1% in 2021. However, with the latest piece of information in mind and considering its authority, we could expect Apple India and its suppliers to manufacture a north of more than 25% of the total iPhones produced worldwide. For context, this is almost 400% of the figures that were published by Apple earlier (at 7%).

Apple has been reaching out to equipment manufacturers including camera lenses, chargers, and batteries among others for iPhones and iPads made in India. It is also because Apple has been facing delays in component shipments imported from other countries. Almost 17 Chinese companies applied for clearances to set up their manufacturing facilities in India, however, most of them are on hold at the moment.

Tata Group recently acquired Wistron India’s Hosur manufacturing plant in Tamil Nadu which will have 20 assembly lines, 50K plus workers, and capability of manufacturing several millions of iPhones end-to-end.

Apple has been upgrading its manufacturing units in India over the years to cut back on its dependence on Chinese plants. It is also because of the ongoing US-China sanctions and other regions that Apple has been diversifying its manufacturing.

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