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Apple confirms rumors of slight delay in iPhone 12 shipments

Apple iPhone 12 Series

As opposed to the usual timeline that Apple relies on launching new iPhone models each year, there could be a bit of delay this year. There have been rumors surrounding the delay in launching the upcoming iPhone 12 series by a magnitude of a few weeks from the usual release timeline.

According to an earnings call for the upcoming third fiscal year or second calendar quarter, the company’s CFO Luca Maestri has pretty much confirmed that the last year’s iPhones went for sale at the end of September, however, it will be delayed this year.

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A few weeks of delay may seem usual but given the fact that Apple’s revenue in the third calendar quarter and it could miss it completely given the fact that the newer iPhones will not be available between the end of September at the least or it could go for availability in October.

Sources suggest that either Apple could launch the upcoming iPhone 12 series in October or they could launch the phones in September as usual while delaying the availability to October this year. Just after Apple was done with its earnings call, chipmaker Qualcomm took to the internet that a flagship phone they are involved with might face a slight delay which is a hint to the modems that company supplies to the Cupertino-based Apple.

Until the mist around Apple iPhone 12 launch isn’t clear, you can stay put on TechTantrum as we will follow the story and update accordingly.




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