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iPhone 13 camera specs leaked and could be even better than the iPhone 12

iPhone 13 camera leak

Just as the sun started climbing above the horizon on the east, we heard of a new rumor on an upcoming iPhone. No, it isn’t the upcoming iPhone 12 series but rather the rumor is about the upcoming iPhone 13 series slated to arrive in September 2021. Leakster @choco-bit posted a tweet on Twitter that gives exact specifications on the camera setup on iPhone 13 although he does mention to take it with a huge amount of salt.

Apparently, iPhone 13 could pack in a quad-camera setup. Although this doesn’t seem far-sighted since we already have triple camera setups on iPhones the specifications might stun you. The leak states that iPhone 13 will pack in a 64MP primary sensor with 6x digital zoom, a 40MP telephoto lens with 3x to 5x optical zoom and 10x to 20x digital zoom. Further, the third sensor is a 64MP anamorphic lens with a 2.1:1 aspect ratio and finally, a 40MP ultrawide snapper with optical reverse zoom, and there’s a LiDar 4.0 on-board as well.

Talking about how feasible it could be or it couldn’t be, the source itself asks people to take it with a huge amount of salt. Also, the source isn’t that reliable as most of the leaks that arrived with the leakster hasn’t materialized yet. Moreover, even if it is true, it could be a super early rumor which means, either it could arrive as it is (possibly no) or there could be a lot of tweaking that Apple will do to push it on the iPhone 13 series.

The specs sheet adds LiDar 4.0 where the ‘ 4.0’ could be a hint to the iteration (generation) since it arrived with iPad Pro followed by iPhone 12 series since the latter is highly likely to pack in and finally, Apple Glass will have it too. You can read more about Apple Glass here.

Apple iPhone 13 series is expected to arrive in September 2021 which means we are more than one and a half years early. It is not surprising for Apple to work out things on its upcoming products way in advance but that includes tweaking over the phases and the product could be totally different. Getting a 64MP primary sensor ain’t a big thing but it seems illogical that Apple will outsmart all its previous iPhones to include all four sensors of the above-mentioned specifications.

Anyways, we will keep you updated whenever there’s an update available. Meanwhile, you can read our story on how Apple has reportedly delayed the launch of the iPhone 12 series to late-November.



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