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Apple releases iOS and iPadOS 13.3 with multiple bug fixes

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After rowing against the current with previous iOS 13 releases, Apple has once again pushed an OTA size update to all the support devices. The new update for iPhones i.e. iOS 13.3 brings a hoard of new features, add-ons and most basically, tries to fix several existing issues.

Starting with providing a stringent grip with parental controls, parents will now have strict control over the FaceTime, Messenger and other activities their kids do on their iOS 13.3 devices. Apart from that, the new update also fixes issues around downloading new mails, the cursor now moving when the space bar is pressed among others.

There is a change to Apple News as well that will now push out the news that might interest users along with related news. It will label these news articles for better reception. Like & Dislike button added allowing users to post a review on the news showcased.

Next, up, iOS 13.3 adds support to NFC, USB, and lighting with FIDO2 to Safari as security keys. The Cupertino-based company has fixed the bug that caused certain wireless chargers from slow charging the phone as this was a problem with the previous iOS version.

iOS 13.3 is explicitly for iPhones while a similar iPadOS 13.3 is being pushed out for iPad devices, tvOS 13.3 is available across Apple TVs while watchOS 6.1.1 is available across support Apple Smart Watch.

Thanks to the uber-popular iPhone lineup, there are tonnes of reports speculating about not just 2020 iPhones but 2021 iPhones as well. Rumors like the existence of an iPhone SE 2 aka iPhone 9, no lightning port on 2021 iPhones, more than two models to launch starting 2020 iPhones is being heavily shared across the internet. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments below.

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