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Everything You Need To Know About Apple Glass: Rumored at $499, LIDAR system

Apple AR Glass

You might have seen AR glasses in Hollywood movies like Iron Man, Terminator, Fight Club, and so on. Google was working on a similar AR glass called Google Glasses and Apple is no different. The Cupertino-based tech giant Apple has been working on it’s AR Glasses since 2017. Previously hinted in the codes of iOS 13.1, there’s a new update on the upcoming augmented reality glasses from Apple as per a report by Jon Pressor of Front Page Tech.

Pressor reportedly watched a video of the prototype a few months ago showcasing Apple Glass in its glory. He added that it was a plastic frame with a stereoscopic lens although Apple Glass could have a metal frame to go with it. Apart from that, Apple Glass will run on a UI called Starboard.

Apple Glass: The Moniker

Apple AR Glass
Image Courtesy: Front Page Tech

As per the report by Pressor, Apple AR Glasses could be officially summoned as ‘Apple Glass’. Although the moniker seems perfect, it raises a question as to why Apple would resort to a moniker analogous to Google Glasses. Then again, Google has already paved the way for AR glasses and Apple could cash in on the popular lexicon.

Apple Glass: Prescriptive Lens & The Sunglasses

Apple Glass will reportedly arrive with corrective prescription lenses for those who need it. However, Apple hasn’t found a way to place displays on tinted lenses so there may or may not be a ‘Sunglasses’ version of Apple Glass.

Apple Glass: LIDAR system

Everything You Need To Know About Apple Glass: Rumored at $499, LIDAR system

Apple introduced the LIDAR based system on iPad Pro 2020 which measures space and distance for AR applications. Here, Apple will use the data obtained from the iPad Pro users to refine its work. Apparently, Apple Glass will not sport any cameras citing privacy concerns except the integrated LIDAR system. It will enable the headset to carry out gesture functions.

The AR glasses will carry out functions including 6DOF headtracking and object recognition via computer vision. It will be used to record scanning proprietary QR codes as well. Based on a previous report which holds true even today, when you pair your iPhone with the Apple Glass, the phone will carry out the majority of the data processing while some functions will be left for the glass to do. It is similar to how 1st gen Apple Watch works. This should allow Apple to create a slimmer profile for the Glass. Users can do gestures to carry out the rest of the functions such as swiping photos in a photo gallery and so on.

Apple Glass: Price


This is a glaring question since Apple hasn’t confirmed the price tag yet. Many expect it to be around $1,000 which of course way too expensive and could discourage the masses from buying it. Apple will have to slash the price to get the Apple Glass in the hands-on the public. According to Jon Prosser, Apple could opt for a $499 as the price tag on Apple Glass with corrective lenses. But as of now, we are still clueless so let’s see what unfolds in the near future. We will be updating the story as and when something new about the augmented reality glasses appears on the web.

Apple Glass: Release Date

Turns out Apple Glass was speculated to launch in Q4 2020 or Q1 2021 at its “One More Thing” launch event, however, considering the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it could be pushed to October 2021. Apart from that, it’s public availability is expected to be sometime in Q1 2022 while the shipment as early as Q4 2021 i.e. between October and December.




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