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Google applies for license with the US government to resume services to Huawei

Looks like Google is making efforts to reconcile with Huawei again. Google has applied for a re-license with the US Government to trade with Huawei although the decision is still pending at the time of writing this.

Huawei swirled into the ‘Entity List’ by the US government back in May 2018. This ban prevents the company from doing business with any US or US-based company. Since most of the components mounted on Huawei and Honor smartphones are originating or share patents with the US companies, this caused the company to find alternatives and replacements with Google Android OS taking the front seat.

Although the China-based company released a number of smartphones post-ban, many had Google Mobile Services (GMS) whereas many launched after the ban was stripped away from GMS and they were left out with just Google Android OS and no Google apps & services whatsoever.

Huawei & US reaches an agreement, delays ban by 90 days

Huawei has been working on its Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) for years now as it is solely available in China. However, outside China, HMS does have a massive gap when compared to GMS in terms of its functionality. This is what drove the sales down outside China and probably this is the reason why no smartphones except Huawei P30 from the Chinese OEM are up on top of best-selling smartphones even though Huawei is the second-largest smartphone manufacturer after Samsung.

Anyways, Google has applied to resume GMS on Honor and Huawei smartphones. When the approval arrives, Huawei could send out updates to its smartphones resuming GMS on their respective smartphones. Don’t worry if you are using the stripped away version of Android-enabled Huawei smartphone, we will update you of any progress about the approval.

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