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Google is testing out an “app hibernation” feature that will likely make it to Android 12

Android 12

Google will release Android 12 this year and as always, its first developer preview goes live next month. With that being said, a new feature has been brought to light by the team behind the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) called “hibernation”. It is the state at which the device, app, or service will be put in a non-active state reducing energy and memory requirements on the device.

As per the latest update, the Android 12 will likely bring in the “hibernation” feature on-board once it arrives next month. According to the folks on GSMArena, putting the app in hibernation will put away the app, clear its cache, and free up the memory required to keep it running. Now, it remains a question if this particular feature works on a single user in a multi-user device or how it works on an Android device with a single user setup. As per the code snippet, the feature won’t uninstall the app but would rather put it in sleep mode temporarily unless the user recalls it.

This particularly might work similarly to how the hibernating feature on Windows operating systems on computers work although on a smartphone and on apps rather than the system as a whole.

As per the timeline is concerned, the Android 12 Developer Preview 1 will arrive next month i.e. in February 2021. It will be followed by multiple developer preview versions and then, Google will release beta candidates at which point, non-Google OEMs will get their hands on the Android 12 source code and then will be able to push their Android 11 custom skin build to the respective devices. Finally, the Android 12 will launch as a stable version in August or September 2021 if the same timeline is applied this year. Note that Android 12 was formerly known as Android S.


Source – Google, GSMArena

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