Google Pixel 8 users are noticing unwanted bumps & indents on their displays

Google Pixel 8

This is not good news for Pixel 8 users. You need to watch out for bumps and weird indents. Yep, Pixel 8 users have been reporting unwanted bumps on their displays that seem like someone internally is pressing on the display. Here’s the whole story around this debacle.

Some Google Pixel 8 users have taken it to Reddit and Google Support forums to discuss the apparent bumps on their displays. Made by Samsung, the Actua Display won DisplayMate recognition with a score of 154 outrunning Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5’ 152 making it one of the best displays to use.

However, reports started pouring in this October claiming unwanted bumps and weird indents visible against light when seen from a specific angle. Luckily, you won’t be able to see them when using the phone which would otherwise ruin the user experience. However, once you see it, there’s no going back.

The indents and bumps are localized around the edges and some theories could explain why. First up, screws keeping all the internal components strapped to the motherboard could be pressed under the display translating into a bump. However, reports suggest these bumps aren’t perceivable by touch which means you can’t feel protrusion when you check the bumps using a finger. Instead, these are merely visible bumps affecting the inner side of the display.

Hardware defects could be another reason affecting the premium phone that was released barely a few weeks ago. In any case, there’s no official confirmation from Google as to why it’s happening. However, Google Support has been prompt in responding to users reporting such issues providing a free replacement. Google has some explaining to do if you have a Pixel 8 series phone and facing similar issues, it’s better to reach out to Google/ Google Support for immediate resolution.

Moreover, Google Pixel 8 series is already facing display issues such as flickering and freezing that are yet to be resolved.

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