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How to fix water damaged smartphone? [Quick Guide]

How to fix water damaged smartphone? [Quick Guide]

If you accidentally dropped your phone in a pool, pond, or say a cup of water or tea (highly unlikely) or if you spilled water or any liquid on the phone etc, etc, then this explicit guide on how to fix a water damaged smartphone is all you’ll need.

Disclaimer: Note that even though this particular procedure on how to fix a water damaged smartphone, this method is not universally a guaranteed method. In fact, it does have fixed a number of smartphones but there’s a lot of factors that determine how severe the condition of a smartphone has after you drenched or drowned it in water and thus, not all the smartphones are guaranteed to be fixed and especially Apple iPhones which although have a similar components, these phones need a professional’ help to get fixed but as said, it depends and there’s no harm in trying out this method if you have good two or three days to spare before moving to a repair service provider.

How to fix water damaged smartphone?

May it be Sony or Samsung, Apple or LG, Huawei or OnePlus, Oppo or Asus and others, If your phone doesn’t have resistance against water, these phones are delicate when it comes to contact with water and even a drop of water if it comes in contact with a delicate component, it could damage it drastically and thus, must be avoided. But anyhow, since people have gone crazy over their phone addiction, there are instances and incidences when their phones are subjected to get water damaged and thus, here’s how they can fix (or at least try) the smartphone but before that, let’s see what you shouldn’t do.

What should you avoid after removing a water damaged smartphone?

How to fix water damaged smartphone? [Quick Guide]

You must have taken the required preventive measures beforehand but since you weren’t careful, the phone is now drowned in water. What should you do? Well, before knowing what you should, knowing what you should is crucial and could save a phone half of the time in such cases.

Firstly, when you take out the phone, it is quintessential to avoid panicking because the more you panic, the more time it takes to respond and the more damage the phone has to adhere. Also, you shouldn’t move/shake/wobble the phone after removing it from the water trying to get the water out of the internal circuitry because you are causing it extensive damage by doing so. Further, you shouldn’t press any keys or any part of the screen, back panel, top or in fact, anywhere on a phone because doing so can push moisture if not water droplets into the internal circuit and the same could happen if you profusely press any buttons.

Using an air blower, vacuum cleaner, or hair dryer attempting to soak out or dry off traces of water is a strict no as well and thus, you must avoid it. Plugging the phone to the charger which is something people do if their phone ain’t turning ON after taking a dip in the water could cause detrimental damage to the phone partially if not fully or it could also short-circuit the device rendering it useless and thus, you must avoid it.

Step 01: Get the phone out of the water

Doubt it? The plan is to get the phone out of the water or any other liquid as soon as possible. It is because the more you wait, the more water enters into the restricted territory of a smartphone’ circuit where it could cause excessive damage. Thus, it is recommended by experts to pull out the phone as soon as you notice that it is drowned or drenched in water due to any xyz reasons.

Step 02: Turn off the phone

Yes, this particular step is rather essential to keep the phone safe from any after effects. In case if the phone is turned OFF, do not turn it ON and if it is turned ON, press the power button once and turn it OFF to avoid any potential damage due to water coming in contact with the battery and other components.

Step 03: Take off all the ‘removables’

Now that the phone is in your hands, gently remove the phone cover or case, back panel (if removable), battery (if removable), SIM cards, memory card, and other removable elements and keep it aside of a dry surface along with the instrument.

Step 04: Wipe out the exterior/interior

How to fix water damaged smartphone? [Quick Guide]

Take a microfiber cloth or a paper towel/tissue or even a clean and dry cloth could work. Use it to wipe off the exterior of the phone and interior part whichever is visible and you can reach it. Avoid forcing the tissue or towel to reach deep into the charging port to avoid any further damage.

Step 05: Use a vacuum cleaner

Time to soak out water and moisture using a vacuum cleaner set on a light setting. This must soak out excess water although it might enable getting rid of all the water and moisture that might have seeped inside the phone but it must work wonder for a light water damage to smartphone but as said, the effectiveness of all these methods differ based on factors like the make, model, duration it was in water or what amount of water actually entered through the various openings, etc.

Step 05.A: Use rubbing alcohol for cleaning purposes

Remember, this particular method is limited to only those who exactly know how to dismantle a smartphone and assemble it back. You’ll need isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol that you’ll dab on a piece of cotton and use to dab on the internal circuits and elsewhere within the internal components of a smartphone. Isopropyl alcohol would remove any corrosion, debris, and other elements that would either cause any further issue.

Step 06: Take a ziplock bag, uncooked rice, and the phone

How to fix water damaged smartphone? [Quick Guide]

This is a popular DIY method that’ll get the phone fixed. It takes two or three days to check if this method worked or not but it is worth since it does have a higher fix rate. You’ll need a ziplock bag and uncooked rice or silica gel. Put the phone in a ziplock bag and fill it up with any of these two substances which are highly water-absorbent and must soak in left-out moisture that would otherwise cause a lot of harm to an electronic device like a smartphone.

Step 07: Time to uncover the secret

As aforementioned, you’ll have to keep the ziplock bag aside for at least two to three days. After the said period ends, remove the phone out of the bag and check if it works or not. But there are several outcomes after this particular steps.

Firstly, the phone would turn ON and in this case, you’ll have to keep an eye on its performance and report any potential abnormality.

Secondly, the phone wouldn’t turn ON. Here, you need to plug in the phone to a charger and keep it on charging for a few minutes so that it powers on. Finally, if the phone doesn’t turn ON even after this step, then you’ll probably have to report the problem to a service center.

Step 08: Take professional’s help to fix a water damaged smartphone

If you are still wondering around this page trying to fix a water damaged smartphone, then you are probably out of luck since you weren’t able to fix the phone right now. This means that you’ll have to report the issue to an authorized service center to get it fixed. It may include repairing or replacing damaged components but in most cases, the phones are fixed by the professionals but it also means that your phone is no longer covered under warranty since water damage voids it automatically unless you have a warranty against it.

How to avoid water damage to smartphones?

If you are searching ‘How to fix water damaged smartphone?’, then it is probably late, however, if you are searching it to keep informed about the procedure to fix in case if the phone drowns in water, you must look at the alternatives to keep the phone protected against water if the lacks water-resistance, let alone IP rating.

How to fix water damaged smartphone? [Quick Guide]

You’ll find a lot of water-resistant or water-proof covers and cases on online retailers like Amazon. Here’s a list of top best water-resistant phone covers that you must check out.

This might not make your phone look appealing when it comes to most of the waterproof cases and covers, but it will surely save you from the burn in the pocket that it would attract if your phone is actually water damage and repairing it would cost you a lot. Hopefully, these methods provide insight on how to fix a water damaged smartphone. Do let us know in the comments whether if the method worked for you or not. Also, drop your comments on whether if we should add or remove some points to provide a thoroughly-working method.

How to fix water damaged smartphone? [Quick Guide]
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How to fix water damaged smartphone? [Quick Guide]
Phones are susceptible to damage if come in contact with water. Apparently, there is a quick guide on how to fix a water damaged smartphone that you can employ to retrieve the phone
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