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iPhone 9 could be the new ‘iPhone SE2’ as per reports

We have received intel on the development of a much-awaited 2020 iPhone SE2. It was earlier reported that the device will be based on iPhone 8 and will be called as iPhone SE2. However, the report has something else to add to it. The upcoming iPhone is likely to be summoned as 2020 iPhone 9.

Apple skipped ‘iPhone 9’ back in 2017 when it revealed the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Next year, we saw three new iPhones namely iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR which is still confusing for some people. This year, Apple resorted to using numerators i.e. iPhone 12, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max which did simplified it’s nomenclature. However, the thing is, it skipped iPhone 9 and that’s bugging people.

As per Ming-Chi Kuo who quoted a report by Macotakara as well, the upcoming 2020 iPhone 9 (originally called iPhone SE2) does have the form factor of iPhone 8 but will be powered by a high-performance Apple A13 Bionic chipset that iPhone 12 is using right now. This means the phone will be powerful as iPhone 12 while taking a look and feel of a phone released two years ago. That’s why iPhone 9 seems to be an appropriate moniker for it.

Apple iPhone SE 2

There are plenty of 2020 iPhone SE2 leaks around although a bit of it is heavily cited such as the price tag of $399 which is the lowest according to Apple. To put things into perspective, the iPhone 9 price in India in rupees is around Rs 28,000/- which is still lower than what iPhone SE (2016) was released at although the price might vary. This isn’t confirmed pricing so keep it with a pinch of salt in mind.

If your question is ‘Is there an iPhone 9?’, the answer is probably yes, although Apple has a reputation of fondling with the monikers. It also teases the leaksters & speculators regarding the moniker so we will have to wait to find out what it is called.

2020 iPhone Rumors

Fortunately, we hear a lot about the upcoming iPhones such as there are likely to be four iPhone 12s to arrive next year. In fact, reports state that Apple is looking for a bi-yearly launch schedule probably starting from 2021 comprising of four models. Luckily, 2020 iPhones are also likely to have four models plus iPhone SE2 so that makes four of it.

A Ming-Chi Kuo report further added that all the phones will get 5G support where standard models will have sub-6GHz support while the 2020 iPhone 12 Pro models will have mmWave 5G support which brings faster downloads & more.

Apart from that, 2021 iPhone leaks suggest that Apple is going wireless as Kuo hints that there won’t be any lightning port. Apple is trying to go wireless in 2021 so let’s see how it goes.

2020 iPhone Release Date

Usually, Apple holds a single launch event in the fall of every year for its launch. However, some reports suggest Apple might switch to a bi-yearly release schedule that is two iPhones to arrive in the Spring while two iPhone models will stick to the Fall release date.



iPhone 9 could be the new 'iPhone SE2' as per reports
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iPhone 9 could be the new 'iPhone SE2' as per reports
A report is floating on the web that states that the upcoming 2020 iPhone SE2 will be called as iPhone 9 to release next year.
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