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iQOO to show off a phone with 120W FlashCharge this week

iQOO 120W FlashCharge Poster

China Joy is scheduled for July 31 to August 3 and that is where we will witness technological innovations and gadgets in action. Apparently, Vivo’s gaming-oriented brand iQOO will be showcasing a phone with the incredibly fast charging technology that was unveiled more than two weeks ago.

iQOO has sent out teaser posters promoting an upcoming phone with 120W FastCharge capable of juicing up the battery to 100% in just 15 minutes. Even a 5-minute charge would get you up to 50% of a 4,000 mAh battery cell.

According to its announcement, the charging tech converts current from 20V at 6A to 10A at 12V. Then, it splits it into two circuits at 5A at 12V juicing up two separate 2,000 mAh battery cells. This has allowed iQOO’ 120W FastCharge tech an exceptional speed of filling up the 4,000 mAh battery in just 15 minutes. Any phone with these techs would need additional graphite layers and internal cooling mechanisms to keep the phone from transforming into a charred piece of metal.

It is yet to be found out if iQOO will unleash the 120W FastCharge on a new ready to a market smartphone or it will be a prototype at the moment. The previous event does mention that regular smartphones could get this tech on-board sooner or later.

Along with it, iQOO will unleash a phone with a 144Hz refresh rate display. Although iQOO already has a phone with this high refresh rate, it is thought to be a revamped one with a twist.

We will have to wait until it is cleared at the upcoming China Joy event.

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