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Meizu unleashes world’s first-ever “holeless” unibody phone with SDM845

Meizu unleashes world's first-ever "holeless" unibody phone with SDM845

With smartphone makers shedding ports, Meizu took a leap forward by announcing a phone that doesn’t have any ports, buttons, and holes either. Known as ‘Meizu Zero’, the Chinese manufacturer Meizu introduces a phone which it terms as a truly first-ever ‘holeless’ phone although it does have two holes for mic and hard reset each but anyhow, apart from that, it doesn’t have any other orifices.

The phone doesn’t have a headphone jack which is not surprising since most of the OEMs have dropped it after Apple dropped it first. But it doesn’t have any physical buttons, there is no speaker grille around the front-facing camera and neither there is a SIM card slot. It is just a piece of the ceramic slab at 7.8mm thick with Snapdragon 845 SoC under the hood and a 5.99-inch QHD OLED display with no physical rear-mounted fingerprint scanner as well.

So, the questions are how do you remove these ports and holes without affecting the functionalities of a smartphone? Well, the answer is by adding alternatives that in this case, are the sole option to rely on. First of all, the no headphone jack is not a problem today because many smartphones have chucked it and there is always a wireless earphone or headphone option lying around the corner. But what about other ports?

The Meizu Zero doesn’t have a speaker grille which means, there mustn’t be any sound output, right? The answer is there is a mSound 2.0 technology embedded with Meizu Zero which means, the device uses piezoelectric motors to double its screen as a sound bar so that’s the solution right there.

A Truly Holeless Meizu Zero

Meizu unleashes world's first-ever "holeless" unibody phone with SDM845

The beautiful design clad in a ceramic unibody phone doesn’t have a charging port as well. But rest assured because Meizu has promised an 18W fast wireless charging facility known as Super mCharge which is still double the speed supported by iPhones and Samsung devices.

Moving on, we are talking about no SIM card slot which means you cannot insert a physical SIM card. But hey, there is an eSIM technology that allows users to use all SIM-related services but without a physical SIM card so Meizu Zero will use one or maybe two of it if its dual-SIM supported.

It doesn’t have physical buttons as well but to make you believe as if you are pressing one, there is a pressure-sensitive plate/sensor with haptic feedback so that the users feel as if he/she is pressing a physical button like the volume rockers and the power button.

Meizu resorted to using an under-the-display fingerprint scanner instead of a rear-mounted and physical FPS which means, apart from the dual-camera setup at the back and front camera sensors, there might not be any gap in this seamless smartphone design either. As per the design aspect is concerned, the device has curved edges and slightly thick chin which goes hand-in-hand with the top bezel.

The device is certified with IP68 water and dust resistant rating capable of withstanding water for 30 minutes without any signs of damage.

I appreciate how Meizu is moving forward with the design aspect. We don’t know much about the phone as of now such as the RAM or internal storage, battery life, price, release date, etc. But rest assured because we will get all the details and rumors surrounding it to you as soon as possible.


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