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OnePlus CEO Liu Zuohu announces 2 year warranty with OnePlus 9 series

OnePlus is all set to launch its most-anticipated 2021 flagship smartphone series aka OnePlus 9 Series. What makes it more interesting is that OnePlus CEO Liu Zuohu has confirmed that the OnePlus 9 series will have a two-year warranty. Smartphone makers usually offer one year of warranty on their smartphones at most and that includes flagship phones like the Galaxy S21 series or the iPhone 12 series. Cut to now, the OnePlus 9 series will be the first to get two years of warranty.

Liu posted on Weibo announcing the update stating that this would surely offend many players in the smartphone industry without taking any names. According to the post, OnePlus analyzed survey data according to which, the average replacement cycle of a smartphone is two years. This means a user would spend two years with any smartphone before upgrading and that leaves him/her with a year off the warranty period. Of course, there is warranty coverage post the 1 year warranty period although it comes at a premium.

OnePlus 9 series

The OnePlus 9 series with a two-year warranty period would allow users to use these flagship phones to get extended since everything is taken care of from the purchase to the replacement in the next two years. OnePlus already offers at least 3 years of major Android OS upgrades along with additional security patch coverage which goes without a hitch. With that being said, the OnePlus 9 series will get complete support until 2023.

OnePlus will unveil the coveted OnePlus 9 series in partnership with Hasselblad, the first camera to snap photos on the moon, on March 23 at 14:00 hrs GMT (7:30 pm IST / 10:00 am EDT) at the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center. Watch out at TechTantrum for more coverage.



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