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OnePlus confirms it’s upcoming smart TVs series with three models; Pricing teased

  •  The all-new OnePlus TV series is set out to launch on July 2nd. 
  •  OnePlus confirmed that there are at least three models starting at INR1X,999/- or INR19,999 (at most). 
  •  It will feature 93% DCI-P3, MEMC, Dolby Atmos & Dolby Vision & others. 

OnePlus already has two models under its smart TV lineup released last year under the Q1 series. The company is expanding it further by adding at least three new models as per the latest confirmed bits and more intriguingly, the price tag of the upcoming smart TV series is expected to fall right into the affordable category releasing on July 2.

The Chinese OEM confirmed a few features that its new smart TV series will pack in and also, there are three models to come on-board. Earlier this year, two smart TVs from OnePlus with size 32-inch and 43-inch got their certification whereas the third one is believed to be a 55-inch model that arrived with last year’s series as well. With that being said, the 32-inch model is expected to arrive with HD resolution while the middle 43-inch TV will be FHD, and finally, the 55-inch will get QHD panels on-board.

The Upcoming OnePlus TV Series: Price

The upcoming OnePlus TV Series
Image Credit: GSMArena

OnePlus recently posted a cryptic price range for the upcoming TV series which says the prices start from INR 1X,999/-, INR2X,999/-, and INR4X,999/-. Although the price tag is as vague as possible, even in the worst-case scenario, the upcoming OnePlus TV series will be priced at INR19,999/- ($265), INR29,999/- ($395), and INR49,999/- ($660). To put things into perspective, the OnePlus Q1 launched last year was available at INR69,990/- ($925) while the Q1 Pro was sold at INR99,990/- ($1,320).

OnePlus TV Series: Specifications, features

OnePlus has already confirmed a lot of features that the upcoming OnePlus TV series will introduce. Firstly, all three models will support Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos as it recently received the certification from Dolby Labs. Moreover, the upcoming TV series will have a thickness of 6.9mm which to put into perspective, it is lower than flagship smartphones OnePlus 8 at 8mm.

All-new OnePlus TV

OnePlus is promoting the upcoming series with the slogan “Smarter TV. Smarter Price”. The slogan can be easily broken down into two parts where the latter signifies the affordable pricing as aforementioned while the former part shows that it will get enhanced AI capabilities on-board.

According to Pete Lau, CEO & Founder of OnePlus, the upcoming TV series will support 93% DCI-P3 that takes the visual experience to the next level thanks to the improved color gamut coverage. It also uses MEMC, super-resolution, and other technology to enhance picture quality along with producing cleaner, fluid, and sharper visuals that pop up even a low-quality video to appear as superior quality video.

OnePlus is set up to launch the upcoming OnePlus TV series on July 2nd. Check out this space for more updates!

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Source ~ GSMArena, Twitter, OnePlus Twitter


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