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PUBG Mobile to Launch in India Soon; Drops Tencent Games as publisher

PUBG Mobile

In September, the Government of India slapped PUBG Mobile and 100 other apps with a ban in the countries citing prejudicial to the sovereignty and integrity of the country. Cut to now, PUBG Corporation has reportedly cut ties with the Chinese Tencent Games to distribute the uber-popular PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite under PUBG Corporation.

PUBG Corporation is a subsidiary to the South Korean giant Krafton Inc and it will be distributing the PUBG Mobile titles on both App Store and Google Play Store under the publisher “PUBG Corporation”. Tencent Games won’t be authorized to distribute the game and all the publishing rights will be reserved by PUBG Corporation in India. It is not yet clear if the Chinese giant Tencent Games will be involved with PUBG Corporation in India or not. However, it is reported that Tencent Games will be out of India but will act as a publisher for the game outside the country where it hasn’t been banned yet.

PUBG Mobile India will arrive shortly in India although neither of the parties involved quoted an ETA or release date, to begin with. But there’s a lot of stress on its “imminent launch” given India is technically one of the largest markets for PUBG Mobile.

The company said in a statement that the security and privacy of the userbase are paramount. Thus, the company will run regular audits on the storage systems localized and verify for any abnormalities. This will help the company reinforce the security of the users which was the reason why it got banned in the first place.

PUBG Corporation has decided to invest a whopping $100 million towards the Indian gaming culture with components including e-sports, gaming, and other avenues. PUBG Mobile has already received more than 1 lac responses on gaming community Tap Tap after it went for pre-registration for both iOS and Android devices along with PUBG trailer live on the site.

You waited so long, wait for some more time and you’ll get the PUBG Mobile live on both App Store and Google Play Store soon. Check out this space as we will update it once the title is live in India.


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