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Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 likely to arrive with under-the-display camera

After years of development, Samsung finally launched its first foldable phone earlier last year which went through turbulence only to be relaunched in September. This year, Samsung has already launched yet another foldable phone aka Galaxy Z Flip on February 11 alongside the Galaxy S20 series. With that addressed, it is understood that we will get to know more about the third foldable phone sometime soon but the rumor mill is churning hot with the latest update right away.

Apparently, Samsung is working on the third foldable phone or the successor to Galaxy Fold that will arrive sometime in the second half of 2020. The phone codenamed as ‘Champ’ is expected to arrive in Q3 2020 where leaksters are stressing on July release which is just a few months from today.

In a bit to offer the best, the phone likely to be named as Galaxy Fold 2 is expected to arrive with the world’s first-ever under-the-display front camera module. That means there won’t be any notch or a hole but a 100% full-screen display with a camera lying below it only to be seen when called.


Already prototyped by several Chinese manufacturers, the technology is still new and Samsung could be the first one to adopt and release it with Galaxy Fold 2. With it, the phone will not have a front camera since the display will showcase content rather than keeping the area around the camera blacked out or so. When a user calls for the front camera, the content will depart giving way to a transparent display that will allow the lens to intercept light and produce output accordingly.

You can expect a 100% full-screen with the upcoming Galaxy Fold 2 which is something or a new technology since today, smartphones are limited to use notches, popping up mechanisms and whatnot to maximum screen real estate.

Anyways, as per a forecast by Strategy Analytics, the foldable phones market is expected to grow immensely this year with a projected 8 million units to be sold this year against a million units sold last year. We are still too early to comment on the upcoming smartphone so we will have to wait for some more time to get a clear picture of it. Stick to TechTantrum to know more about it. Check out the Samsung Galaxy S20 series launch here.

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