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Samsung Galaxy S10 spotted in the wild in South Korea

Samsung Galaxy S10 spotted in the wild in South Korea

Whether you are a keen tech follower or someone who sneaks into the tech news category and out, Samsung Galaxy S10 is a fascinating subject to discuss. The much-anticipated Android smartphone aka Samsung Galaxy S10 has gathered a lot of hits even before its official photos could be out let alone its official release. But based on a new report, we could be seeing a prototype image of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 for the first time.

To summarize, we have seen a lot of upcoming Galaxy S10 such as specs leak, screen type, and size, technology to be used, etc. Last week, Twitter leakster Ice Universe posted an image claiming the screen protector of a Galaxy S10 handset displaying a punch-hole camera cutout on the right side and it is smaller than that of previously released Galaxy A8s.

This was instantly followed by a series of images showcasing various Galaxy S10 screen protector belonging to various screen sizes of the handset as there are at least three different screen sizes and four variants to be released.

But the limelight goes to an image captured by a Twitter user showing an alleged Samsung Galaxy S10 that a person was using during a train ride in the subway in South Korea. Since the concept of using a phone (prototype) even before its actual release isn’t new as many higher officials get the privilege to use it for testing purposes, it is assumed that the phone in the photo is indeed a Galaxy S10 sporting an Infinity-O display with a cutout for front cam.

Till date, Samsung hasn’t officially confirmed any leaks or rumors that made headlines and thus, we can just speculate and wait until the phone is actually launched. As of now, we know that there are at least three to four variants namely standard Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Lite, Galaxy S10 Plus and there is a fourth variant too and all these handsets will sport screen size ranging from the smaller 5.86-inch, 6.4-inch and 6.4-inch Plus variant. Also, we can expect Snapdragon 845 SoC with the upcoming S10 arsenal along with 6/8/10GB RAM and 5G support which is limited to a few high-end S10 models.

Further, the phone won’t have any notch but a punch-hole cutout for its front camera which is why its display has been called ‘Infinity-O’. Huawei launched a phone with an Infinity-O display named Nova 4 with 48MP sensor about which you can read here on TechTantrum.

The Galaxy S10 series could share triple or even quadruple rear camera setup while the high-end model ‘probably Galaxy S10 Plus’ will get a six-camera setup at the back and yes, Samsung’s very own in-display fingerprint scanner with ultrasonic technology could be in the way too.

Perhaps, all the details are just the tip of an iceberg of leaks that Galaxy S10 has received over the course of few weeks. Check out ‘TechTantrum’ for more updates on Samsung Galaxy S10 and other tech world.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 spotted in the wild in South Korea
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Samsung Galaxy S10 spotted in the wild in South Korea
There have been many leaks showcasing the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 but here's a sneak peek of the handset that was recently spotted in South Korea.
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