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Samsung might be working on a double-folded smartphone per patents

Samsung might be working on a double-folded smartphone per patents

It’s no secret that Samsung is working on a foldable smartphone for years now. It recently gave the first look at its first foldable phone at the Samsung Developers Conference in San Francisco where it showcased how the Galaxy F* with a giant foldable screen with a second small screen at the back. Well, Samsung has been working on the tech for a long time now but it isn’t the only thing it is working on. A new patent has appeared on US Patent Office (USPTO) database which gives a peek into what Samsung could be trying to achieve with a foldable screen.

Since we aren’t aware of any key specifications as these are just a few sketches, but we do have drawn a list of things that you might be able to spot with the sketches. First of all, the phone has two folds instead of one in the Galaxy F which gives 3x the screen real estate than any ordinary single screened smartphone. But there’s more to discuss it.

According to GSMArena, the South Korean giant Samsung could be using its new Infinity-O panel to achieve the level of folds where a phone can be folded three times. When totally folded, it appears as a stack of three smartphones over one another which although might come up as a bulky smartphone, but hey, the technology is still in its early stage and thus, the bulky shape is still a hot commodity. Even when it is totally folded, it has a single active screen while the two screens are turned off due to the folds.

Moving on, when you unfold it once, it reveals a dual side-by-side display giving it a huge real estate to rock on and since the camera assembly at the back is free from obstructions, users can click photos by glancing at the front screens or take a selfie using the third and yet folded screen which works as a different entity which is a great feat to achieve. Moving on, when a user lifts up the three display, the phone will actually out any tablet to shame because of it’s ginormous screen which gives it 3x the real estate produced by any smartphone available now.

Since there ain’t any front camera assembly, it also means that Samsung will be able to opt for an edge-to-edge display with the minimal bezel on the top and other edges. But there’s a thing. Samsung could use a tiny speaker grille on the top as an output or it could use a piezoelectric speaker that’ll give it an edge over other smartphones in terms of screen and the technology being used but the piezoelectric speakers aren’t too efficient as of now.

The foldable design could open a great avenue of opportunities thanks to the free from restriction form factor but it also introduces certain limitations such as the number of times screens could be folded since each fold can create stress on the joints but there’s a long way to fix their hurdles. As of now, Samsung is gearing up for its next big launch where it will unveil Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, and Note 10 in February at the MWC 2019.

There have been reports that Samsung could release the Samsung Galaxy F (foldable phone) at MWC 2019 although the sales could start only in March. So, it is just a matter of few months when we will get to see how Samsung Galaxy F fares in the commercial market post-launch.

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