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Samsung shows off its latest flexible and rollable OLED displays

Samsung shows off its latest flexible and rollable OLED displays

Samsung is currently leading when it comes to foldable phones with several models available commercially. It has both a clamshell and an outward folding smartphone in the market. Apparently, the South Korean giant has a few more designs up its sleeves. This was teased in a short but intriguing blog post on Samsung Display’s South Korean website.

For those who don’t know, Samsung Displays is a Samsung’s undertaking which develops and manufactures displays for Samsung phones, tablets, and other devices. Coming back to the blog post, it shows several futuristic designs that the company could actually materialize with its foldable display tech.

Samsung Foldable Displays Tri-Fold

Samsung has patented a series of flexible and foldable display designs till now. In the latest blog, Samsung teased a few renderings one of which had a tri-fold panel. The phone looks pretty much like Samsung Galaxy Fold but instead of a single inward fold, this render shows two folds. Here, the device has a full-fledged smartphone interface at one side when folded. Simply unfold it and you’ll get a humongous tablets-sized interface. Apparently, this could be possible since Samsung has already showcased the prowess in terms of foldable smartphones.

The South Korean giant already has a series of tri-fold display patents up its sleeves. One of the patent designs shows a tri-fold display where a smartphone folds in a zig-zag patent, or you can fold it with the screen inside and the rear panel outside hiding the display totally.

Samsung Foldable Displays OLED rollable display

If that doesn’t get your thoughts tingling, Samsung posted a render showcasing a device with an OLED rollable display. Yes, you read it right, an OLED rollable display. The render shows a cylindrical stick with a notch that has the display rolled inside it. Simply drag the display out of the stick and you get a smartphone right there. Not using it at the moment? Simply retract it inside the stick, and you are good to go.

Apparently, this could be a design for a rollable tablet if having a smartphone with a stick doesn’t suit well. Note that although Samsung did tease both of these renders and patents for numerous foldable and flexible displays, it is still a mystery if these phones will actually arrive commercially. There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to a flexible or foldable display quite literally. Thus, it remains to be seen how the South Korean giant proceeds further.


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