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Samsung’s 108MP camera sensor is up for launch on August 12

Samsung's 108MP camera sensor is up for launch on August 12

If you follow tech news on TechTantrum or any other website, you know how Xiaomi and Realme are chasing each other to be the first to unleash their smartphones with 64MP camera sensor. Here’s another blow from Samsung as the South Korean giant is gearing up to unleash its massive 108MP sensor on August 12.

Previously rumored, Samsung ISOCELL’s Twitter account posted a teaser image with the date confirming that Samsung will surely release a 108 MP camera sensor with quad Bayer array that will allow it produce a 27MP output image using 4-in-1 pixel binning technology. According to GSMArena, Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 slated to launch later this year could be the first device to get a 108 MP sensor at least in its home country.

The specific details concerning the colossal 108MP sensor are slim, however, it will be a great sight to see whether the sensor can pull off a full-on 108MP image which will have a resolution of 12032×9024 that would simply outsmart one of the most popular 48MP sensor used today.

Quad Bayer sensors are designed to capture more light using a unique arrangement where four pixels are binned together forming a single pixel thereby the larger pixel size enables capturing more light and thus, the image is clear and detailed although many underlying mechanisms go into making a sensor worth the image quality which isn’t dependent on how many megapixels it has any more.

Hold tight on August 12 as Samsung unveils the largest available image sensor that will make its way to Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 or probably Mi Mix 5 since the number ‘4’ is considered a bad omen in China.


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