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Top 5 Best WhatsApp Alternatives

WhatsApp has more than a billion monthly active users and it is ever-expanding. Although WhatsApp offers End-to-End Encryption securing all the messages/calls, it’s a recent update in privacy policy has caused its users to re-think. Apparently, WhatsApp wants to know all about you and wants to share it with its family of companies including Instagram and Facebook. The data collected after the user gives consent to the new privacy policy will be used to show ads and for market suggestions among others.

But hey, there are plenty of alternatives available on both iOS and Android smartphones available at the user’s disposal. Here, we have curated a list of the top 5 best WhatsApp alternatives that you can use.

Session Private Messenger

Session Private Messenger

iOS – 4.3-stars (98 ratings) | Android – 4.2-stars (790 ratings)
Chatting or talking to someone on a call on Facebook or any other app might be traceable but not with Session. Once you download the app on your phone, you can create your account without entering any phone number or email. You are given a Session ID that you can share with others to join. Apparently, Session uses state-of-the-art encryption that allows all the messages secure from prying eyes.

Unlike other instant messaging apps where user data is stored in a centralized location or data center, Session stores information in user-operated servers. This drastically reduces the probability that it would trade user data with any third party. Session doesn’t log IP addresses or metadata of your conversion. It allows group chat of up to 10 people. You can send sensitive documents and attachments to other Session users without worrying someone might try to decrypt them.

The fully anonymous account creation, user-operated servers, and no logging are a few of the many traits that make Session superior and a great alternative to WhatsApp.

Price: Free
Download: iOS | Android

Signal Private Messenger


iOS – 4.8-stars (313.1K ratings)| Android – 4.5-stars (629K ratings)
WhatsApp is losing its charm thanks to the updated privacy policy that users need to accept before February 8, 2021. Apparently, Signal is one of the best WhatsApp alternatives available on both iOS and Android devices. Millions of people use the ad-free and free-to-use instant messaging app Signal Private Messenger. It keeps all your calls and messages secured thanks to its high-quality end-to-end encryption powered by Signal’s open-source protocol. Apparently, Signal doesn’t let privacy be an optional mode.

It is reliable and delivers messages instantly even on slow networks. It is free to use and ad-free which raises its USP to the next level. Signal has a desktop client in case you want to use this app on your computer. You can also engage the disappear messages mode where the messages would vanish after a set interval without any human intervention. The best thing about Signal is its open-source encryption protocol that keeps hackers and intruders away while inviting security experts to find flaws and bugs that can be filled up to prevent any security breach.

The cherry on the cake is that it was recently suggested by Tesla & SpaceX Elon Musk.

Price: Free
Download: iOS | Android


Telegram - TechTantrum

iOS – 3.9-stars (12.2K ratings) | Android – 4.5-stars (6.7M ratings)
I have used Telegram a lot and I must say, it does look more like WhatsApp minus the security and privacy-related concerns you might have with WhatsApp. It is ultra-fast, uses a double-tick method in conversations, and lets you create groups of up to 200K members. It is reliable and doesn’t consume much data when sending or receiving messages. It has an entire library of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and other OTT platforms on it that you can watch although may not be legit.

Telegram shows no ads and it is completely free of charge. It uses open-source encryption with a combination of Diffie-Hellman secure key exchange, 2048-bit RSA encryption, and 256-bit symmetric AES encryption that keeps all your data secure no matter what.

It is completely cloud-based and thus, won’t take any data storing your chats. You can use it to chat with people, voice and video call them but there’s no group video/voice call option at the moment. Rest assured as Telegram gives utmost priority to the privacy of its users so you are in good hands.

Price: Free
Download: iOS | Android



iOS – 4.6-stars (10.1 ratings) | Android – 4.4-stars (11.12M ratings)
Skype is undoubtedly one of the most popular instant messaging and voice/video calling apps available. It is cross-platform and works like a charm even on its desktop and online web-based client. It lets users make calls both video and voice calls at an excellent high-definition resolution. No matter if you are on a video call with 2 or up to 49 people plus you, expect crystal clear sound and video quality at all times.

You can hold endless conversations via its chat feature, send photos and videos, and more on the go. Skype is a rather pleasant and minimalistic user interface that pleases you every time you use it. You can express yourself, set availability status, and mention people to grab their attention on the concerned chat. What’s more? You can even call people who aren’t using Skype. Simply charge Skype Credits and you are good to go. You can call on someone’s mobile phone or landline or send an SMS if they are online.

Price: Free – Contains In-App Purchases
Download: iOS | Android



iOS 4.4-stars (178 ratings) | Android – 4.6-stars (63,726 ratings)
Threema is one of the best-selling messenger apps that offer end-to-end encryption for both voice and video calls. The developers of Threema have designed it in such a way that it generates little data stored on servers. Apart from that, all the local files stored on your devices is encrypted as well. Enjoy seamless voice/voice calls and messages encrypted using open-source NaCL cryptography library for encryption.

Threema has features like a dark theme, poll feature, supports various types of file formats. You can also create groups on the app. The app doesn’t have any ads or trackers so you can simply chill and relax.

Price: $2.99
Download: iOS | Android

Other honorable mentions include Riot.IM, Hike, Wire, Viber, KiK that you can try too. Let us know which of the WhatsApp Alternatives you would love to use.

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