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TechTantrum is about Tech, Space, and Science – the three genres I, Aadil Raval (founder) excel at with a rich experience and passion that keeps me ignited to come up with all the latest news, reviews, and updates about the three golden genres that TechTantrum deemed as best to maximize the horizon.

TechTantrum deals with tech news like no one else. Yes, we take a detailed approach toward leaks and updates on every individual upcoming smartphone and apps/software that allows us to capture each and every aspect and bit of news that even flashes through the web and of course, a consortium of leaksters.


Space and Science related news and updates are like our favorite category to pick up increments, advancements, recent happenings, dilemma, phenomenon, and more which is why I tried fusing and smooshing it together to create an astounding reading experience about things that really matter.


I, Aadil Raval, the founder if TechTantrum (still in its infancy stage) live in the city of dreams (Mumbai). I did my college with a major in Information Technology along with a part-time freelancing job as a content writer for a series of websites including HNGN, MusicTimes, Qries, etc. I did a lot of gigs as a ghostwriter working from the deepest hole in the payment category to a standard high-pay of 40ppw (still low though) which took me three years to achieve.

I decided to create TechTantrum a long ago although the plan never materializes for months. This is why I finally decided to put my heart and soul in this project that could either land me in debt or if it puts me in limelight considering the fact that there are 19 million websites worldwide and I am the only one writing for my blog as of now.

Follow me on Facebook, Instagram¬†(I go by the screen name ‘Trent Dalton‘ or drop a friendly hi at this email address:

As a fellow writer more than three years of experience, I have been working round-the-clock towards providing up-to-date reviews, leaks, rumors, and whatever you can think of.¬† As a part of the content writing community, I know how important is it to build links, guest posts to get traffic. Please drop an email at ‘’ to be a part of link building campaign which is a proven technique to get traffic on both parties.

What does TechTantrum include?
Now that’s a question which is slightly complicated to answer. Since the scope of interests and field in Space and Science change frequently, for instance, first there was no TESS or the disputed ninth planet, we have maintained a single listing on the website i.e. ‘Space’ and ‘Science’ that encapsulates everything about the titles.

Why do you have an affiliate section?
since TechTantrum is still in its infancy, it would be too difficult to maintain the cost of keeping up a website without any financial backing. Our Affiliates provide us with the financial freedom to experiment with ideas and express passion while our affiliate partners keep a tab on the financial front. Visit Amazon to support us!!!

Since TechTantrum is currently in its infancy. But I also work for various other websites such as Tecake IN, TeCake (International), True-Tech, GetDroidTips as a tech writer/associate author.

Milestones achieved
Founded blog on September 16th, 2018. (Alexa Rank: 19,914,887)

URL: (Booked on November 21st, 2018)
Current Alexa Rank: 4,666,403 as on July 18th, 2019.

Follow us on Instagram: @techtantrum
We are on Twitter as well! Quora? No doubt, Facebook? Are you kidding me?

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