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TechTantrum is a budding tech website that focuses mainly on smartphones and technology. Of course, there are thousands of tech websites out there but why do you need to follow us, right?

We at TechTantrum are seasoned tech enthusiasts with almost a decade of experience purely in smartphone news, reviews, apps, how-to tutorials, and guides. It gives us first-hand experience with everything you read on the website right from every nut to bolts.

We are dreamers and entrepreneurs with the zeal to pen stories that make a difference in your day-to-day life as what we write can influence your buying decisions. We trace our roots back to September 2018 when www.techtantrum.net was initially launched after months of back and forth between different blogging platforms including the then-popular Blogger by Google. Set out to achieve unrealistic goals, the website came to a standstill after traffic ran down to the ground finally resulting in the closure of our office (well, virtual offices per se).

On 1st October 2023, we relaunched www.techtantrum.net building upon previously made mistakes and shortcomings and setting up realistic goals to grow it and rival against bigwigs such as GSMArena, Beebom, and 91mobiles in the long run.

TechTantrum Properties

News: A fundamental part of any active tech news website is the news. From the butter to the bread, the grease to the engines, the colors to the rainbow, and Steve Jobs to Apple, ‘News’ keeps you updated about the latest in the biz. It keeps you informed about the latest launches, specifications, rumors, leaks, speculations, and other coverages.Apps: This is a dedicated section to Apps and for the unversed, there are quite a few million Apps available across both Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The aim is to bring the latest about Apps, a list of best Apps for given categories such as travel or video editing, etc.

Soon To Be Added

Well, we aren’t going full-on just yet. As it is said, jack of all trades and master of none. These Properties will soon see the light of day as we build upon our website, a legacy of years of penning countless stories for different tech portals out there.

  • Unfiltered Reviews
  • Digital Marketing
  • Chipsets
  • Phone Specifications, etc. 

Visit TechTantrum right now! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram to keep yourself updated with all things tech!

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