Google Tensor G4 SoC spotted on Geekbench; To power Pixel 9 series & Fold 2

Google Pixel 9 Series

Just a few days ago, we heard about Tensor G4 SoC and how it would make its debut with Google Pixel Fold 2 probably at the Google I/O 2024. Cut to now, we might have the first-ever look at the Tensor G4 in action. The upcoming and yet unannounced chipset was spotted on Geekbench v5 on a smartphone codenamed ‘Tokay’.

The said device bearing codename ‘Google Tokay’ features an octa-core chipset codenamed ‘Tokay’ with a max frequency of 3.10GHz plus, there’s 8GB of RAM. Turns out this could be the Google Tensor G4 SoC in action. The chipset scores 1,082 points on a single-core test with 3,121 points on a multi-core test on Geekbench v5 rig. A Mali G715 GPU is handling the graphics on-board.

The report suggests this is the Tensor G4 SoC indeed. The chipset has 1 +3+4 tri-cluster ARMv8 architecture. The cores are clocked at 4x 1.95GHz (power-efficient) plus 3x 2.60GHz and 1x 3.10GHz prime core. It also suggests the purported Tensor G4 is not based on Samsung’s Exynos 2400 SoC. It could be because Google has built the chipset to be more power efficient and with better multi-core capabilities although it is still fabbed by Samsung Foundry since the search engine giant will only move to TSMC next year with the Tensor G5 SoC.

Coming back to the point, neither of the Google Pixel 9 series duo have ‘Tokay’ as their codename. This is because Google Pixel 9 has the codename ‘Komodo’ while Pixel 9 Pro is called ‘Caiman’. It remains to be seen if ‘Tokay’ is Pixel 9a (probably less likely) although we believe it is the upcoming Google Pixel Fold 2 that we mentioned earlier. However, it is better if you take this information with a pinch of salt given the fact that we are still 8-9 months away from the scheduled launch.

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