Apple is working on a 7-8″ foldable for 2026-2027

Apple is working on a 7-8" foldable for 2026-2027

Samsung has an array of foldable phones and so does almost all major smartphone makers except Apple, right? Well, the Cupertino-based giant is known to take its sweet time before rolling out a “perfected” tech. Seems like we will soon get a foldable device from Apple somewhere around 2026 or 2027.

The information comes from a Korean publication The Elec according to which, they have learned about an upcoming first-ever foldable phone from Apple ranging between 7 to 8 inches when fully unfolded. The phone is likely to replace the iPad mini that received its last update in 2021 and also because it falls in that 8-inch display size mentioned above.

Apple is working on a 7-8" foldable for 2026-2027

LG Display and Samsung Display have reportedly sent out samples to Apple to test out the foldable display. Moreover, we are hearing about a next-gen iPad mini with a foldable OLED panel unless Apple decides to discontinue the mini series and launch a fleet of foldable phones altogether. Of course, we cannot say this bit with full certainty given the nature and the time of the supposed launch which is at least two years from now.

There’s not much known about the supposed foldable phone except the fact that it will be equipped with blazing-fast chipsets offering impeccable performance. LG shipped a 6-inch while Samsung shipped a 7-inch sample to Apple which also begs the question if we will get a 8-inch iPad mini (or any foldable device from Apple) and who will get the contract to build it. Of course, Apple can always go for a dual supplier strategy as usual that should cut back Apple’s dependency on a monopolized component.

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