Google Pixel 8a leaks in CAD-based renders, looks like a Pixel 8

Google Pixel 8a CAD renders

Google just wrapped up launching its flagship Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro and now, the tech giant is setting up launch for Google Pixel 8a, the third member to the family. Pixel 8a is synonymous with mid-range and affordable models much like Pixel 7a, Pixel 6a among others in the past. The thing is, Pixel 8a is still a few months away, however, CAD-based renders have already leaked leaving no design changes up for guesses. Here’s more about it.

Google Pixel 8a Leaked in CAD-based Renders

Google Pixel 8a Leaked in CAD-based Renders

Unsurprisingly, the design language on the upcoming Pixel 8a is uncanny and resembles Pixel 8 and of course, it will, since both belong to the same series. Talking about the design, we can see a camera visor that goes left to right (or vice versa) with a dual camera setup embedded within a pill-shaped cut-out. Again, it is almost the same as the Google Pixel 8.

The phone measures at 152.1 x 72.6 x 8.9mm making it slightly taller, wider, and thicker than Pixel its predecessor 7a. As for the comparison with the Pixel 8 which had dimensions of 150.5 x 70.8 x 8.9mm, the Pixel 8a took some increments in terms of height and width while the thickness remains the same. Unlike the notion, phones at a sweet spot in terms of dimensions as that of Pixel 8/8a, improve user experience as they are easy to hold.

Google Pixel 8a Leaked in CAD-based Renders

The phone is expected to host a 6.1” OLED panel, given the phone’s size, and with a punch-hole cut-out onboard for the front camera which could be a 10.5MP shooter akin to Pixel 8. The bezels onboard do look a bit more prominent than the vanilla Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro albeit it could be because of its mid-range tag.

About Google Pixel 8a specifications, the phone is expected to arrive with Google Tensor G3 SoC just like its siblings although it could be slightly underclocked. An 8GB RAM and Android 14 out-of-the-box will tag along among other specifications.

Google Pixel 8a Leaked in CAD-based Renders

Google Pixel 8a Appeared On GeekBench

Google Pixel 8a carrying the codename Google Akita appeared on GeekBench 5 back in August. The phone pulled off 1218 and 3175 points on single and multi-core tests, respectively. As the listing showed, Pixel 8a uses G3 SoC plus Mali-G715 GPU. Do note that these aren’t the finalized GeekBench scores for Pixel 8a since Google will optimize it further as it draws closer to its launch next year.

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