OnePlus 12 Launched With Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, IP65 Rating & 50W Wireless Charging

OnePlus 12 Launched With Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, IP65 Rating & 50W Wireless Charging

We have been picking up news and rumors about the OnePlus 12 for a while but all that waiting has paid off at least in China. OnePlus 12 officially launched in China sporting a speedy Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC alongside first up 50W wireless charging tech and an upgraded IP65 rating to count of few. Let’s take a deeper look into what the OnePlus 12 is made up of.

OnePlus 12 Pricing and Availability

OnePlus 12

OnePlus 12 is now available in China only at a price tag of CNY 4,299 (or $607) for the base 12+256GB variant. The 16+256GB retails for CNY 4,799 while the highest of the trims at 24GB+1TB retails for CNY 5,799 (or $818). There’s also a 16GB+1TB trim available at your disposal for CNY 5,299.

As said above, OnePlus 12 is available in China at the moment. It will be available on December 11. Its global launch is touted to be on January 24th along with other OnePlus-branded products.

OnePlus 12: Display

We were smitten when OnePlus teased its AMOLED panel just a few days before launch. For starters, the OnePlus 12 packs in a ginormous 6.82” LTPO AMOLED panel by BOE that can get bright as high as 4,500 nits for HDR content. Typically, it can still churn out 1600 nits of brightness that should get around on a bright sunny day without any hassle. There’s an adaptive refresh rate that churns the refreshing from 1Hz to 120Hz as and when needed. The display is crystal clear thanks to the 1440×3168 pixels resolution delivery of impeccably vibrant graphics no matter what.

The display looks huge and has great screen real estate with just a tiny punch-hole notch that you might not even register when viewing content. There’s also blue light filtering tech and 2160Hz PWM dimming among other top-of-the-line features that you would want on a flagship phone and serve the purpose it’s made for.

OnePlus 12: Home To Flagship Specs

There’s no denying that the chipset stole the show and for good reasons. OnePlus 12 sports a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC made on a 4nm process. It recently scored 2.33 million points on AnTuTu even before the phone was officially launched. There’s also an Adreno 750 GPU that keeps the phone afloat with its impressive graphics processing. A giant 9140mm2 vapor chamber liquid cooling system keeps the processor cool when you are doing some heavy work or gaming on the device. It also helps with sustained performance for a longer duration.

OnePlus 12 uses LPDDR5X RAM of up to 24GB and for the unversed, there are only a few phones that can go above 12GB of RAM. The storage is up to 1TB of UFS 4.0, the faster system, and a successor to UFS 3.1. There’s USB-C 3.2 that helps with speedier data transfer when you connect your OP12 to a PC.

IP65: An upgrade over the OnePlus 11

OnePlus 12 Launched With Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, IP65 Rating & 50W Wireless Charging

Most modern flagship phones are already IP68 rated making them resilient to dust and water even if they are submerged at a depth of 1.5m of water. However, the OnePlus 11 was only IP64 rated which made it less resilient when submerged. You can’t expect your OnePlus 12 unit to withstand being submerged in the water yet, however, OnePlus has upped its ingress protection from IP64 to IP65. This protects the OnePlus 12 from spray jets of water apart from the usual dust and debris that could cause more than you can think.

OnePlus 12: Cameras

For years, OnePlus has boasted its camera prowess thanks to its partnership with Hasselblad. This year, we get a 4th-gen Hasselblad triple rear camera setup. It houses a 50MP primary Sony LYT-808, a 48MP ultrawide Sony IMX581 sensor with a 14mm lens, and a 64MP periscope OmniVision OV64B camera with 3x optical zoom. The front uses a 32MP selfie shooter nicely tucked in a punch-hole cut-out.

OnePlus 12 Launched With Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, IP65 Rating & 50W Wireless Charging

OnePlus 12 begs the first-ever OP phone to get a periscope camera instead of a convention zoom lens. It also uses a f/2.6 aperture which is wide enough for low-light photography. You can expect up to 3x optical and 6x using cropping and super-resolution with the camera units in place.

OnePlus 12: A Battery Powerhouse

OnePlus 12 Launched With Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, IP65 Rating & 50W Wireless Charging

OnePlus 12 uses a 5,400mAh battery which is 400mAh larger than the OnePlus 11. It may not sound much but have a look at Galaxy and iPhone flagships and you’ll cherish the colossal battery that promises a day’s worth of battery life even on heavy use. It is also paired with 100W wired charging that should charge the battery before you can finish your breakfast.

There’s also 50W wireless charging that has made its successful return on the OnePlus turf. It should get you faster charging when you don’t want to plug in your charger every time you want some extra juice. There’s 10W reverse charging which as the name suggests, can be used to charge other compatible devices.

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