OnePlus 12 Official Poster Leaks Ahead of Dec 5 Launch

OnePlus 12 Launch

Things just got spicier. I am talking about the upcoming OnePlus 12 which has been officially confirmed to launch on December 5 in China. To date, we saw the flagship phone in the OnePlus 12 leaks and renders but today marks the day when you get to see the actual phone as revealed by OnePlus itself ahead of its upcoming launch.

OnePlus 12 Design Hints At Meticulously Crafted Piece

Yep, that’s what I would say when I see the OnePlus 12 official photos. The phone will be available in three colorways – Pristine White, Vibrant Green, and Classic Black and to be honest, the middle one will steal the limelight once it arrives.

Meticulously designed with a granite-like pattern, the vibrant green (looks more on the turquoise side) looks impeccably impressive. The Classic Black uses a sandstone finish, something that will deter the fingerprint marks along with the Vibrant Green variant. The last one is Pristine White which has a silvery finish to it that looks impressive as well.

The triple-camera setup at the back looks not too large nor too small. It is housed inside a glass-clad camera island that should have some reflectivity with the actual glass back. As usual, OnePlus has muted the glass back to make it look sophisticated so there’s the camera island with an ‘H’ branding for Hasselblad and a OnePlus logo, that’s all.

OnePlus has always redefined its flagship phones and the next-gen flagship [p phone is no exception. When it comes to the OnePlus 12 design, I would say it exceeds expectations in many ways. The front too, is minimal. You get a tiny punch-hole cut-out at the center, a curved-edge OLED panel onboard along with thin bezels that won’t interfere with your viewing experience.

Watch out for the OnePlus 12 launch on December 5th at 2.30 pm local time. You can stay put on TechTantrum as we will bring the coverage right here.

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