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Samsung announces ultra fast 16B LPDDR5 with 6,400 Mb/s speed

Get ready for a blazing fast DRAM in Samsung Galaxy devices. Samsung announced earlier that it will be mass-producing a 16GB LPDDR5 DRAM based on the 1z process which is an industry-leading technology as of now. According to the schedule, 16GB LPDDR was announced earlier this year and is slated to

Samsung cancels all Galaxy Fold pre-orders ahead of re-release

For months, Samsung has been working on fixing the glitches and issues that the original review batch for Galaxy Fold uncovered. Originally slated to start shipping in May, Samsung completely redesigned the first-ever foldable smartphone and finally, the South Korean giant revealed it in earlier today in its home country.

Samsung releases 3D Scanner app for the Galaxy Note 10+

Samsung has a whole other world of apps specially curated for its high-end Samsung smartphones i.e. the Samsung Galaxy Store. The latest addition to the Store is “3D Scanner” which literally stands for its name. The app launched for Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ (at the moment) takes advantage of the

Samsung Electronics introduces 68MP and 48MP image sensors

Samsung Electronics introduces 68MP and 48MP image sensors

Earlier this month, Qualcomm, a leading chipset maker, stated how smartphones could scale up to using 100MP of image sensors in their smartphones by the end of this year. It has been a couple of years since OEMs have tried upping the sensor sizes and the number of cameras in